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Come experience some of the best salmon and halibut fishing on Vancouver Island, B.C.
Guided Fishing Charters, Wildlife Tours

We fish hard for you to the last cast!

Barkley Sound, Vancouver Island, B.C.

We offer salmon and halibut fishing charters departing from Port Alberni, to Barkley Sound, Bamfield and fishing offshore.  These areas offer truly wild west coast fishing experiences. Offshore halibut, ling cod and salmon trips are 2 to 4 day adventures - we base these trips from Bamfield staying at local lodges so we can be out on the water quickly.  For these adventures, we will pick up and drop off guests in Port Alberni, saving you the long drive to Bamfield.  Per day rates (3 guests):

  • 1 day Barkley Sound - $950 CAD
  • 1 day offshore from Bamfield -$1,050 CAD

Note - $50 per additional guest over 3 total up to 6 maximum guests on our larger Grady White 265 Express vessel 

Prices do not include GST tax and fishing licences.
Port Alberni, Vancouver Island, B.C.

We offer guided fishing charters in the Alberni Inlet, in Port Alberni, B.C.   In June and July we target sockeye, which migrate up into the inlet staging to run into the Somas River. These fish are highly sought after as they are very tasty and a perfect size fish for younger fishers.  Sockeye trips are usually 4 to 5 hours in length, departing the dock at first light for the best fishing.

We also offer Inlet Chinook and King fishing trips in late August and early September.  These trips are 6 hour morning trips.

Sockeye $450 CAD for up to 4 guests ($50 for each additional guest up to 6 max)

Chinook/Kings $550 CAD for up to 4 guests ($50 for each additional guest up to 6 max)

Prices do not include GST tax and fishing licenses.
Nanoose Bay/Nanaimo, Vancouver Island

We offer salmon fishing charters departing from Nanoose Bay in the spring (April to June).  These trips target Chinook (King) salmon that stage in the east coast Vancouver Island.  We offer both full day fishing adventures and an evening special.

Day Rate (7 to 8 hour trips):  $700 CAD
  • 4 guests ($50 for each additional guest up to 6 max)

Night Bite Special: $300 CAD
  • Departs at 5:30 p.m., returning at dusk
  • 4 guests ($50 for each additional guest up to 6 max)

Prices do not include GST tax and fishing licenses.

Salmon, Halibut, Ling Cod - Best Time's to Come Fishing ?

Barkley Sound Chinook 

Nanoose Bay/Nanaimo Chinook

Port Alberni Sockeye

Prime time for Chinook (Kings) in Barkley Sound is the last 3 weeks of August when the Alberni/Robertson Creek Hatchery run migrates through.  We also have excellent fishing for Columbia River Chinook from mid June through to the first week of August.  In June and July Chinook migrating south to rivers in Washington and Oregon will slip into Barkley Sound to feed on herring, needle fish and anchovies.  
Chinook fishing off Nanoose Bay and Nanaimo  starts toward the end of April, and lasts until mid June.  These fish follow the herring spawn in March and hang out actively feeding on schools of herring until June.  This can be a very productive fishery, very close to home.
Port Alberni Inlet or Somas Sockeye start arriving around the 3rd week of June and peak in the first 2 weeks of July.  There can still be good fishing through until the end of July in years where the run is a decent size.  These fish are perfect eating and the right size for family fun. 

Bamfield Ling Cod

Bamfield Chinook & Coho

Some of the best ling cod fishing is on the shallow humps and reefs along the west coast off Bamfield and in Barkley Sound.  We usually fish with jigs which are the most effective way to locate ling cod.  Most lings are from 10 to 25 pounds.  Best fishing is from May to early Sept. 
Some of the best Chinook and Coho (silvers) fishing is on the banks off shore from Bamfield.. We base our charters from Bamfield to take advantage of the off shore fishing .  These fish are generally Columbia RIver origin fish, and some of the most productive fishing on the coast. 

Bamfield Halibut

Halibut season runs from February until September.  The best fishing is when we have stable weather so we are able to run off shore from Bamfield onto the banks.  There are some humps in Barkley Sound that also produce hali.  The best approach is to anchor for them, so you have to commit the time to target hali.  While it is possible to target both halibut and salmon, we often run out of time to pursue salmon when fishing for halibut.  Thus is it better to plan multiple day trips so we have flexibility in our fishing plan.