Port Alberni, Bamfield Salmon & Halibut Fishing
We use top quality equipment,
featuring Islander precision reels, and
Rapala rods
Join us for some Hali Fishing

Chinook (Kings) Prime Times:

Barkley Sound/Bamfield/Ucluelet

July 15 - September 10

Port Alberni Canal

August 15 - September 20

Nootka Sound

July 15 - August 10

Halibut Offshore Bamfield & Ucluelet

June - July

Sockeye Salmon in Port Alberni

June 15 - July 20

Campbell River Chum Salmon

September 20 - October 20
Off-Shore Bamfield Chinooks and

We fish Vancouver Island, B.C.!   Enjoy Salmon & Halibut fishing charters in beautiful
British Columbia Canada!   

We invite you to join us on a professionally guided salmon & Halibut fishing charter with
Last Cast Guiding, located in Port Alberni on Vancouver Island British Columbia.  We offer
guided fishing charters to West Coast  Vancouver Island BC salmon fishing locations
such as Port Alberni, Bamfield, and Barkley Sound.  We can customize your fishing trip.  If
you are looking to do some salmon fishing in Port Alberni BC, we are your choice for
salmon fishing charters.  Here's why you should consider booking your charter with us:

  • You will catch fish, and we do service large corporate groups
  • We only use top quality fishing gear to maximize your experience featuring Islander
    precision reels and Rapala graphite rods
  • We focus on your catch success, so our trips are based on fishing time not travel time
  • Our vessel and crew are Transport Canada safety approved and trained
  • We can comfortably host 6 guests on our large off shore vessel
  • We can provide transportation from Parksville/Qualicum to Port Alberni
  • We can arrange for your catch to be processed, frozen and shipped  
  • Avoid the long dangerous drive out to Bamfield or Ucluelet - our trips start from Port
    Alberni and we can transport you to Bamfield for off-shore trips for Halibut and
    Salmon for a nominal fee for our fuel only.
For the latest fishing reports please call us Toll Free at 1-866-968-4665
(Please purchase your fishing license prior to your trip)


Our main charter vessel named “Last Cast” is a 2003, Grady White 265 Express.  She is
equipped with a comfortable cuddy cabin and stand up head (washroom with flush toilet),
for your comfort.  Our second vessel is a Grady White 232 Gulf Stream.  These are heavy
off shore fishing machines with new 4 stroke power, and large comfortable decks and
seating.  Our vessels are without question the best equipped Charter Boats in Port
Alberni and Bamfield.  We service Port Alberni Canal, Bamfield, Ucluelet, Barkley Sound
and the Broken Islands.  Why fish with other fishing charter operators who have small
uncomfortable boats and lower quality tackle, when you can fish the best.

Last Cast - there is a lot in a name.  Our Vessels and Charter Company are named after
my steelhead fishing exploits - many times we tell guests to put in one
"last cast" and it
often results in a fish.  That little extra effort often pays off.  We believe in fishing hard for
you right down to the
"last cast".

We run both full and half day guided salmon fishing charters in the Alberni Canal.  
Charters to the Bamfield, Ucluelet and Barkley Sound areas are within an easy one hour
run from our home marina in Port Alberni
.   Our interest is in seeing you catch fish, and if
fishing is slow we work hard right down to the last cast for you.

Depending upon your interests, we can either target calm inlet fishing for  maximum
comfort or offshore salmon and halibut fishing for even the most hard core fisher.  

Fish can be cleaned and packaged for transport anywhere in the world through our
partnership with
St. Jeans Cannery in Nanaimo Vancouver Island BC.

We are CTAG, Certified Tidal Angling Guide qualified, meaning we have been
independently certified as safe and knowledgeable fishing guides.

Fishing Charter Packages

Economy Trips (motel, plus top quality fishing) starting from $200  per
person for 4 - 6 hours fishing in the Alberni Canal.  Deluxe Trips for a full
day fishing and top quality lodge accommodation starting from $350 per
person.  See our packages web page for details.

Port Alberni - Vancouver Island, B.C.

June 15 to July 31 Sockeye Salmon enter the Alberni Canal on their way to the
Stamp/Somas River.  Sockeye are the most tasty of all salmon, and are highly prized.  
Sockeye can be finicky fish, and can at times be challenging for anglers to entice to bite,
so it helps to hire a knowledgeable guide.  Fortunately we have developed techniques for
enticing Sockeye to bite.  

August 10 to September 20 Chinook Salmon enter the Alberni Canal just minutes from our
marina in Port Alberni.  Trophy King salmon (Chinook) offer anglers a unique fishery for
these large monsters, with the peak of the run returning near the Labour Day Long
Weekend – just in time for the famous Port Alberni Salmon Festival and Derby which runs
the entire long weekend.  Coho Salmon enter the Alberni Canal in late August, September
and early October.

Our guided Salmon Fishing Charter rates are based on either ½ day (5 hours) or full day
(8  hours) trips.  For halibut & salmon fishing trips to the Bamfield and Ucluelet areas we
will charge the full day rate.  Our Charter Rates are based on a day rate that covers the
cost of boat, guide, fuel, tackle and bait.  Please note that our trips count fishing time not
running time.  Unlike some operators, our interest is in maximizing your fishing trip so the
charter rates track actual fishing time and do not include travel time.

Bamfield - Offshore Halibut/Chinook/Coho Charters:

You can enjoy salmon and halibut fishing Bamfield without the 2 hour drive on a rough and
dangerous gravel road
.  We can get you  to the fishing in Bamfield comfortably by boat in
1 hour from Port Alberni.  So if you would rather ride in our boat than drive to Bamfield we
can arrange pick up and drop off to/from Port Alberni return when booking a 2 day or
more charter.  The trip down the Alberni Canal is scenic, adding to your adventure.

We offer accommodation and fishing charter packages from Bamfield, with passenger
pick up and drop off via boat in Port Alberni for your convenience.  All inclusive packages
(food, fishing, lodging) starting as low as $400 per person, per day based on 4 anglers.

General Charter Offerings:        

Please call or e-mail for in-season rate quotes.  Rates will vary
depending upon cost of fuel in-season.  Book early for best rates
and availability

  • ½ Day Charter (4 hours actual fishing)  Alberni Canal - Sockeye Salmon
  • We can accommodate up to 6 guests fishing
  • Rates $450 for up to 3 guests - $50 extra for each additional guest

  • 1/2 Day Charter (6 hours actual fishing)  Alberni Canal - Chinook Salmon
  • Fishing the canal depends on run timing - call for in-season advice
  • Rates $550 for up to 3 guests - $50 extra for each additional guest

  • Full Day Charter (8 hours)  Barkley Sound & Bamfield - Chinook/Coho/Halibut
  • 8 hours actual fishing so you can fish 2 tides - we don't count travel time
  • Rates $950 for up to 3 guests - $50 extra for each additional guest

  • Full Day Off-Shore Bamfield or Ucluelet (8 hours) - Chinook/Coho/Halibut
  • 8 hours actual fishing time - travel time is a free bonus
  • Rates $1100 with 3 guests, $50 extra for each additional guest

Note:  Children under 1
7 - no additional charge for more than 4 guests - we like families!

Bamfield & Ucluelet, Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada

May – August we offer salmon and halibut trips.  Offshore trips for halibut are best timed
to take place in June and July.  We offer convenient service by boat to Bamfield, which is
one hour by boat from Port Alberni - saving you the 1.5 hour drive over difficult gravel
road.  We can arrange overnight accommodation in Bamfield for off shore fishing trips
over 2 or more days.  As Chinook (Kings) move closer to the Alberni Canal in July and
August, we begin targeting the Barkley Sound area and Broken Islands.  This area can be
an exciting place to view wildlife such as Whales, Sea Lions and Eagles to round off your
fishing adventure.  The Broken Islands offer the true West Coast BC wildlife tour &
salmon fishing experience in relatively calm protection from the offshore swells.

For fishing reports, please call us toll free or e-mail at:

Salmon Outlook for 2015, West Coast Vancouver Island, B.C. Canada

Projections for west coast Vancouver Island are generally strong.  Early projections for
chinook (kings) to the Columbia River are similar to 2014 (a very good year), and strong
coho will
make for crazy fishing off shore.  Similarly, West Coast Vancouver Island is
forcast to be at near abundant.  Barkley Sound Chinook forecast is for 30-40,000
returning to the Somass
River in Port Alberni.

West Coast Vancouver Island coho (silvers) is expected to be in high abundance.  As a
result we expect to see the wild coho retention pushed out to the surf line, with possibly
even wild coho retention off shore.  

Sockeye will be a record run in Port Alberni - forecast is now forecast to be abundant,
with possibly up to 3 million.  This will be another strong sockeye year.

Halibut retention will be 1 per day, 2 possession with larger slot size limits of 90 cm (20
pounds), and 133 cm (70 pounds) from Feb 1 to March 31.  We have not yet heard the new
regulations and TAC available to catch from the Halibut Commission.  An announcement
will be made January 30.

Limits will be 2 chinook per day; 4 in possession.  Coho will be 4 per day inside the surf
line, either hatchery or wild.  Don't miss out on the fishing opportunity of a lifetime!
West Coast Salmon Fishing at
it's Best !   We can arrange
Corporate groups up to 30 or
more guests
Barkley Sound Chinook
Our Charter Vessel "Last
Cast" is a 26.5 foot Grady
White Express featuring a
comfortable cuddy cabin
and flush toilet for the
ladies.  She has plenty of
room for up to 5 guests
with a 9 foot 8 inch beam
Contact Pat Ahern by
(250) 954-8060  1-866-YOU-HOOK toll free  (1-866-968-4665)     
E-mail: pat.ahern@shaw.ca
Or visit our contact page for more information
Great Salmon Fishing in Port Alberni, Vancouver Island, British Columbia
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We use quality fishing tackle to
ensure that your fishing
charter is a first class
experience.  We use TFO
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reels to ensure you catch fish
rather than your knuckles.  We
target Tyee or chinook salmon.
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